Topping-Out Ceremony for First Turkish Production Facility in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Glawe: Deutsche BOGENN GmbH will create 65 new jobs

Marketing campaigns targeting other regions and countries have attracted concrete investment projects

No. 365/16  | August 19, 2016  | WM  | Ministry of Economics, Construction, and Tourism

Today, the company Deutsche BOGENN GmbH, a subsidiary of MİR Holding headquartered in the Turkish city of Istanbul, celebrated the topping out of its new production facility at the Mukran Port (formerly Sassnitz Ferry Port on the island of Rügen). In attendance were Dr. Angela Merkel and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern’s Minister of Economics, Harry Glawe. “Yet another new facility is entering the final phase of construction here in our state. With this investment project, at least 65 new industrial jobs are being created. The port area, including logistics and transport, is also profiting from this growth. Projects like these show how Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is becoming an increasingly sought-after business location for investors from other regions and countries,” said Minister of Economics, Construction, and Tourism Harry Glawe at the event.

Deutsche BOGENN GmbH plans to produce plastic pipes

The principle activity of Deutsche BOGENN GmbH is the production and sale of plastic pipes and connectors for drinking water, wastewater, heating systems (both building and utility infrastructure), and the irrigation of agricultural land. The company also manufactures and sells products for plumbing installations. “Once construction is complete on the new factory on Rügen, the company plans to produce plastic pipes primarily for the German market,” continued Minister Glawe.

Ministry of Economics providing on-site support

The company plans to invest a total of approx. €31 million. These funds are being used for the construction of a new production and assembly facility, including the required machinery and equipment. The Ministry of Economics is supporting the investment project with €9 million from the Joint Task Program for the “Promotion of Industry and Trade” (GRW).

Attractive location: the Mukran Port on Rügen

The Mukran Port is a location for large commercial enterprises, offering quayside production sites for the expansion, development, and establishment of port-related industrial and commercial companies. “The port enjoys an ideal location, directly at the open sea. Furthermore, it is not only Germany’s largest railway ferry port but also the only port location in Europe that is able to handle broad-gauge rail cars from Finland and Russia,” continued Minister Glawe. The location offers the shortest sea links from Germany to Sweden, Denmark/Bornholm, Finland, Russia, and the Baltic region. “The decision that was made by Fährhafen Sassnitz GmbH to develop this location from a traditional ferry port to a multifunctional port was an important step in maintaining its competitiveness,” stressed Minister Glawe.

Over the past few years, several companies have established locations and implemented projects here, such as the fish-processing company Euro-Baltic Fischverarbeitungs GmbH, the agricultural products terminal VIELA Export GmbH, the Mobil Baustoffe concrete plant, the EUROS production facility for rotor-blade prototypes, EUPEC Pipeline Services, and last but not least, the Nord Stream project. “Together with the District of Vorpommern-Rügen and the Town of Sassnitz, we will continue to support the further development of the ferry port to attract new companies to the region,” said Minister Glawe.

Marketing campaigns targeting other regions and countries have attracted concrete investment projects

“Not only German-speaking regions like Switzerland and Austria, but also other countries, such as Russia and Iran, offer opportunities for the state economy. International marketing campaigns are attracting concrete investment projects and pay for themselves in the long run by creating new jobs,” concluded Minister of Economics Glawe. The medical technology company Ypsomed from Switzerland (Burgdorf) is planning to open a new production facility in Schwerin for the manufacturing of injection systems – e.g. insulin pens for the self-management of diabetes. More than €50 million will be invested in the building and the highly automated production lines. In the next six years, approx. 200 jobs will be created. Deutsche Großwälzlager GmbH, whose shareholders include the Russian Kirov Group, has established a new facility in Rostock. The company produces roller-bearing and ball-bearing slewing rings, as well as crown gears (22 jobs).

In Schwerin, the Swiss company Nestlé has built one of Europe’s most modern coffee-capsule plants. Once all production lines have been completed, a total of 450 jobs will have been created in the state capital. The company ZIM Flugsitz GmbH from Markdorf in Baden-Württemberg is investing in the production of aircraft seats in Schwerin (64 jobs). FVH Folienveredelung Hamburg GmbH & Co. KG has also established a new site in Schwerin (30 jobs). The Hamburg-based pharmaceutical company AqVida GmbH is building a facility in Dassow (district of Nordwestmecklenburg) for the development and manufacture of pharmaceutical products (26 new jobs). Continental Reifen Deutschland GmbH is setting up operations in the Hanseatic Town of Anklam (district of Greifswald-Vorpommern). The company will open the new facility with an ambitious program for on-site research and development. This work will include research on the cultivation of the Russian dandelion and its use in the production of natural rubber. Around 20 jobs will be created with the implementation of the project and the establishment and operation of the laboratory and testing facility. During the first phase of the project, Continental is planning to invest approx. €35 million in the “Taraxagum Lab Anklam” research facility (Taraxagum = dandelion rubber).

Additional information on the company

Deutsche BOGENN GmbH is a subsidiary of the Dizayn Group, which belongs to MİR Technology Holding Co. Ltd. The production program comprises more than 4,000 products and 23 different systems. According to information from the Dizayn Group, it already produces plastic pipes at its factories in Corlu (Azerbaijan) and Trabzon (Turkey). Its products are sold in Turkey and over 80 other countries in the Middle and Far East, North and South America, and Europe, as well as Russia and Australia.