YARA Deutschland


The Norwegian company Yara International ASA, headquartered in Oslo is, with its approximately 9,000 employees, the leading global manufacturer of mineral fertilizers and thereby helps to feed the world’s over growing population while simultaneously ensuring the availability of renewable raw materials. The company has a total of 50 production sites as well as offices and distributes its goods in more than 150 countries. The Yara Rostock facility, a subsidiary of Yara International ASA is located in the village of Poppendorf. This production facility produces various nitrate fertilizers such as calcium ammonium nitrate, sulfan (solution of 24% nitrogen and 69% sulfer), Axan Optimacy and an ammonium nitrate and urea solution as well as additional technical products. A staff of around 230 employees and about 30 young trainees work at the Poppendorf plant.

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