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In 2012, GILUPI GmbH opened a production plant in BioTechnikum Greifswald. Managing Directors Dr Klaus Lücke and Dr Nils Morgenthaler chose Greifswald as the main site due to its excellent location, proximity to the university and the BioCon Valley network, and the extensive support and economic development from the regional government. GILUPI GmbH is an innovative company that develops medical products for insulating individual cells from a patient’s blood for diagnosis.

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Patented Procedure for Manufacturing

The Medical Product CellCollectorTM

The first CellCollectorTM, manufactured in Greifswald, is already licensed as a medical product and is being used in clinics and research institutes to insulate circulating cancer cells. The patented procedure for manufacturing the medical product CellCollectorTM is based on a medical stainless steel, polymer-coated wire, which attracts antibodies that bind together specific targeted blood cells in a mass and direct them towards the detector. In the target cells, for example, genetic mutations can therefore be identified and diagnosed. In 2007, GILUPI GmbH received an award for the development of this innovative procedure at the Innovation Contest for Medical Technology at the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).