Dr. Oetker Tiefkühlprodukte GmbH Wittenburg

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Settlements such as that of    Dr. Oetker in Wittenburg account for the first-rate conditions of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern for the food sector. The company started off at the end of 1992 in Wittenburg. 260 million frozen pizzas are produced here annually in 11 different thicknesses and on five different production lines for the domestic and international markets.   Dr. Oetker supplies 20 European countries as well as North America. In total, more than 800 employees are involved in the production of about 100 frozen products.

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Dr. Oetker Tiefkühlprodukte GmbH Wittenburg


“The location is recommended by the excellent connection to the motorway, the outstanding collaboration with local authorities and managers, and the well-educated, highly-motivated employees, who adapt to the constantly changing customer demands.”