The Location of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is situated in the heart of Europe. Its central position lying between the metropolises of Hamburg, Berlin, Copenhagen and Stettin offers companies in all sectors outstanding locational advantages. Modern infrastructures enable direct access to global markets and make the northeasternmost Federal State in Germany the ideal investment location.

Locational advantages for your investment


Optimal infrastructure

  • Worldwide import of goods via the ports of Rostock, Wismar and Sassnitz/Mukran
  • Perfect connection via German motorways
  • Efficient rail logistics to Western and Southern Europe
  • Rostock/Laage Airport with flights to Munich, Cologne and Switzerland (passenger and freight airport)
  • Proximity to the airports in Hamburg and Berlin
  • One hour to the port of Hamburg

Expanding locations

  • Fully developed commercial and industrial sites of up to 300 ha
  • Affordable sites from € 7 /m²

Availability of specialist manpower

  • 4,200 qualified or qualifiable jobseekers for your production
  • 74,000 professionals as commuters willing to return
  • 3,500 university graduates in STEM subjects every year

Local know-how

  • Strong industry networks
  • Industry-focused research projects

Attractive funding possibilities

  • Investment support of up to 40 %
  • Support with research and development services
  • Customised employee qualification

Business-friendly climate

  • Active participation in the regional energy policy (Green Energy Policy)
  • Work-life balance at its best
  • Your partner Invest in MV – All information free of charge from a single source

Angelika Zimmermann, Managing Director ZIM Flugsitz GmbH

„Production of our aircraft seats at our Schwerin facility has started well. We benefited from various advantages offered by the location in the process of setting up here. Several areas had to be serviced within a very short space of time with the result that we were able to ramp up production very quickly. We are therefore very happy with our decision to opt for this location. The local availability of qualified skilled workers and our proximity to Hamburg’s aerospace cluster have proved to be particularly advantageous.“

Location placement

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Commercial sites and Real Estate in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

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